Koh Lanta golf is played in Krabi

Forged irons

No golf on Koh Lanta, we go to Pakasai just outside Krabi

The easiest way to play some golf if you are on Koh Lanta is to go to nearby Pakasai Golf Course, just south of Nuaklong outside Krabi.

Pakasai is a very nice course that will test your game in many ways. The first nine holes, the old ones, are rather short and tricky, greens are raised and small. The last nine are newly built, greens are not the exact same speed as on the older holes and the layout is more like many other good courses of today, larger greens, more space, good views of the entire hole.

You can also choose to make a special arrangement for Trang, Phuket, Hat Yai, Phangnga or anywhere in Thailand to play.
Mr Lob has been around, played a lot of the courses and got the knowledge you need.

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Pakasai trip

Price for this trip is 
4 900 Baht.
Included in this are car and ferrytransfers, green and caddiefees, all meals including soft drinks, water on the course and the necessities for a nice and cool shower after the round.

Most of what you need. You just need to bring your best game, clubs are available at the course. 

What you will get is a lovely day of golf, a proper introduction to Pakasai Golf Course, smiling caddies and a lot of fun.

Dress code is, just as everything else with Pakasai, relaxed, shirt with collar, shorts and a pair of running shoes will do fine. I do recommend that you bring an extra set of clothes to put on after the shower.

We leave Lanta at appr 7.30 and will be back appr 5.30. 


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Improve your game

Mr Lob is also a golf teacher. He is a certified EGTF professional golf teacher. (EGTF is an association which put their effort into making golf teachers instead of tour players).
Therefore he can assist you on improving your golfswing or golfthoughts, or maybe just to take the worst rust away from your basics.
Make sure to call him to get more info on this (0896 48 43 40).

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