Mr Lob on Thailand

Some useful hints
Forged irons

A place to love.

Thai food

That is a wonderful habit to get used t in Thailand. Wonderful food served by nice people. To some of you the food may seem a little spicy but that is only good for digestion. And it also cures most of the known western problems.

On the different courses they have the traditional easy Thai kitchen, which means that you can get some fried rice and a cold beer almost anytime during the round.

Thai life Sabaay sabaay. The Thai way of saying "take it easy, life is pretty good right now".
This phrase actually says it all, there is nothing hard at all about being in Thailand.
Thai heat Of course it is hot, it is part of the Thailand concept. But to play golf in 35 degrees Celsius is no problem, Mr Lob says.
Drink a lot (mainly water) and find the shadow during the round and you will be just fine. At the courses you usually can rebt a club car or an umbrella to give you some extra shadow.
Thai golf

Playing golf in Thailand is very easy.
Handicap Certificates and Golf Club Membership Cards are not required.

The Thais take care of you all the time, maybe they don't understand all of your wishes but they always try to do their best for you.
Caddies in Thailand will use a pull cart (trolley) if you prefer to walk, and if the course allows it.
Caddies are compulsory on all courses even with a golf cart, and their local knowledge is often needed for a successful round. When you arrive at the clubhouse, a caddy will be assigned to you, check your clubs and hand you a list and hand it to you with a cheerful Thai smile.
Pretty soon they will club you very good. I like to go along and play their choice even if I myself would have chosen other clubs (improves shotmaking...)
You are expected to tip the caddy around 200-300 bath.

The problems is connected to getting to the courses, booking tee-times and making sure that it all works. All this since not many Thai people play themselves so very few actually know where to find a golf course.

On the course they expect you to follow the worldwide etiquette, proper shoes, shorts little longer than bathing trunks and sport shoes.
And of course, a collared shirt.
Then you are fine and off to first tee.

Buying golf equipment.
About the same price as Europe. Shoes are OK in price, so are gloves.
The best bargain is made on perfect second hand lake balls.